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 How Do I Go To Other Floors?

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PostSubject: How Do I Go To Other Floors?   Wed Dec 08, 2010 9:42 pm

Easy! Read the description under the dungeon you're going into! For instance...

Little Wilderness has 5 tiles which means you have to move 5 times in order to get to the next floor. So every floor has 5 tiles. (And you may roll the poke dice whenever you feel like it, but you must roll it once each floor Very Happy) Anyway, roll the floor die and it will show you how many tiles you move :3 Little Wilderness has 3 floors, sooo good luck! ^^

Also, say you're on the 3rd tile out of 5 and you get a 3... you'll go up 1 floor and be on the 2nd tile
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How Do I Go To Other Floors?
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