Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Rise of Darkness. Embark on funfilled adventures as you and your partner explore various parts of the world and discover new things
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 team element's creation

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PostSubject: team element's creation   Wed Dec 22, 2010 2:21 pm

The Valiant Leader

Moveѕeт:tackle,lick,metronome and defense curl
Perѕonalιтy:he is a kind pokemon but will not care about anything if he is eating
Tнeмe Song:diamond and pearl opening song
Poѕт Color :olive

The Determined Partner

Moveѕeт:scratch,ember,smoke screen and flame wheel
Perѕonalιтy:he's mostly a pretty normal cyndaquil and he helps munchlax stay focused on the mission
Tнeмe Song (optional):same
Poѕт color (optional):red

The Loyal Recruits


Cash && Items


Iтeмѕnone yet

Tмѕ and Hмѕnone yet
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Guildmaster Wiggles


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PostSubject: Re: team element's creation   Sun Dec 26, 2010 9:26 pm

Sorry, but you must PM me to take a personality test. I will then ask you questions. THEN your pokemon will be discovered. It is a disappointment, but these are our rules.
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team element's creation
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